ZOE KARSSEN t-shirts with both new and vintage look in the store. They are made of soft cotton and can match to any outfit.

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A mix of decoration and interior items from the store Ballroom Blitzz. Located in an apartment store in central Helsingborg. A new concept store started by Monica Daxberg and Marie Olsson Nylander. Welcome in to a beautiful world of interior, art and fashion.


Mad et Len Pot Pourri


Histories de Parfum


Cabinets in wood grape lamp, Helmut Newton Taschen designer book.


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Look who we have here! It's Tina Nordström, also known as Food-Tina in our beautiful vintage kimono. Styled by Marie Olsson Nylander for the Norwegian magazine KK living. She also wear jewelry from Malin Ljung who is in cooperation in the store. Tina began at age eight to work on Ramlösa Wärdshus run by her parents. Nordstrom went restaurant training in high school and then worked for two seasons at Jan Hurtigkarl & Co. in Helsingor. Tina has written several cookbooks, including Tina's food, Tina and Tina Yummy. In "Christmas preparations with Tina" there is also a section that demonstrated how viewers themselves can sew Tina's apron. We are so lucky to see her in this cool vintage kimono made of 100 % cotton. Find your own kimono HERE.



Here we have our Swedish artist Carola Häggkvist in a long vintage kimono from Ballroom Blitzz. We better known as simply Carola. She's a Swedish singer and occasional songwriter. Carola has been among Sweden's most popular performers since the early 1980s, and has released albums ranging from pop and disco to hymns and folk music. t's Marie Olsson Nylander, who has styled Carola to the Norwegian magazine KK living, a leading newspaper in interior design, fashion and showbiz. Carola looks pretty and comfortable in the vintage kimono from Japan, made of 100 % silk. Do as Carola, find your favorite kimono HERE.