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Weight : 270g / 9.5 oz

Burning time : 55 to 60 hours

Dimensions : H: 10,5 cm Ø: 9 cm


There’s always a story behind every candle, fragrance etc. This one is like this:

“In a hotel of Havana, under the fixed sun of the Revolution : the fierce and partisan overtones of leather and tobacco meddle with the paneling’s waxen silence. In the cool dimness, fawn grimaces shimmer along with the smoke of cigars and the barrels of guns”

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It’s our all time favorite candle of their collection. Hand-crafted glass, emblem and cotton wick. Lovely.

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The base: Amber, Leather, Moss, Tobacco.

The heart: Clove, Labdanum, Oak Wood, Patchouli.

The head: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Rhum.




Gubi Beetle Dining chair.
Then 9595 SEK
Now 6900 SEK


Anne Vest shearling coat. Simple and cool with a Parisian chicness. Made in Denmark.
Only one unique jacket in store.
Then 18600 SEK
Now 11160 SEK


All Society Limonta collection 20% off.
Mail for more information.
Pyjamas, bedsheets, pillows…


Society Limonta 20% off. Mail for more colors and price.

Gifts under 1000 SEK


Body 675 SEK

T-shirt 575 SEK

T-shirt 575 SEK

Calendar 2019 725 SEK

Calendar 2019 725 SEK


Matte finish side dish plate 600 SEK/plate


Handwash 350 SEK.
Handlotion 650 SEK

Hammam towel 450 SEK

Hammam towel 450 SEK


Key chain 250 SEK

Elastic bracelet 550 SEK

Elastic bracelet 550 SEK


On top 150 SEK
Bottom 130 SEK

4 x-mas tables in December


Attention. Every week in December we will have a new person or company that decorates a x-mas table at Ballroom Blitzz. This week we welcome Sofiero Blomster. A well known Swedish florist company that for many years delivered flowers and bouquets for the royal family. We are very excited for this!
Don’t miss this out!

T-F 12-18
Saturday 11-16
Sunday 11-16

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Quick Snap Shots


Taschen designer book. Issey Miyake 1200 :-


Private girls event for special customers

Model Malin Ljung Photo by Peter Blichér

Model Malin Ljung
Photo by Peter Blichér


Today’s look


Karoline de La Concha event at Ballroom Blitzz

DJ Rosander

DJ Rosander



Anja Blinkenberg.jpg

We dont want to hide it ;) We want to share it with You!

Meet & Greet with the artist

Creative art made by hand. It is Edgy and Luxuriously crafted furniture, paintings and clothes. Each pieces are carefully selected for this exhibition.
Live music by the local singer ERIKA FAGERQVIST 🎤
Prosecco and snacks will be served.
DON’T MISS OUT! October 27th 12-5 pm

Drottninggatan 15, 1 floor Helsingborg, Sweden.

XOXO, Team Ballroom Blitzz



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Body Wash 375 ml: it’s a rich shower gel that’s intended for a daily use. Aromatic notes of sandalwood, cedar and ylang ylang. 395 SEK.

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Shampoo 375 ml: you only need one pump for each wash, I do it two times in a row. First time it removes dead cells and waxy oil, second time the healing ingredients penetrates and do their work. For all hair types. 445 SEK. BUY HERE

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Wall Display Frama

Skärmavbild 2018-10-17 kl. 17.32.53.png

Simple wall display made to hold the Apothecary Hand Wash and Hand Lotion 330 SEK. BUY HERE

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All Frama’s Apothecary collection is made of natural ingredients, locally made in Denmark. Glass bottles from Italy.

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Conditioner 375 ml: fresh and natural scent of cedar wood. It’s a light weight conditioner which gave my hair a lot of volume afterwards, that’s a big plus. 485 SEK. BUY HERE

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Hand wash refill 500 ml, it’s a Deal! 330 SEK. BUY HERE