All amounts and prices are in SEK, tax included. The price noted on the website the day you do your purchase is the actual price. 

You can pay by bank – or credit card connected to Visa, MasterCard or Amex. Be kind and note the name and address on the cardholder must be the same person as in the delivery address. Ballroom Blitzz will not add any extra fee for cards. Ballroom Blitzz uses standard security from VISA and MasterCard for transactions over the Internet. The transferring is encrypted and secured by SSL. This means no one without access can see your card information.

Delivery costs/Deliveries in Sweden
Every order above 1000 SEK is shipping cost of 69 SEK shipping within Sweden. 
Every order below 1000 SEK is a shipping cost of 100 SEK within Sweden.

Freight forwards
DHL or The Posten

A  deliveries less than 20kg will be delivered to the closest office for packages, please note your mobile number for SMS message (text message) which is a bit faster than receive an note in your mailbox. 

Deliveries over 20kg or 150cm will be delivered by DHL. Daily delivery. Delivery to your door is included, and every working day between 7-17. DHL will give you a two hour notice before your delivery arrives. Be aware you can´t decide the time for delivery, every route is set by DHL schedule in your village. 

If you require help to carry within your address of an package less than 25kg an extra freight fee of 350SEK will be charged by DHL. 

If you require help to carry within your address of an package more than 25kg an extra freight fee of 350SEK will be charged by DHL and you must provide with your help as well. 

Be aware, the help will only be to put the goods inside your door, not to carry around inside. 

If you require help where DHL will deliver and put your goods on place, there will be an extra freight fee of 600SEK to your costs. With this option you don´t need to carry the goods yourself. 

You can pick up your goods at Ballroom Blitzz in Helsingborg. As soon as your goods are ready we will send you a text message so you know it´s time for pick up. 

If Posten, DHL or Ballroom Blitzz can´t make the delivery as schedule with you an extra fee will be charged for a new delivery at another time and day. 

Delivery timings (within Sweden)
Goods in stock: Goods we normally have in stock for immediate delivery. Goods in stock will be delivered within 1-2 days from purchase. Delivery will be about 2-4 days. 

When there are many orders at the same time or if theres any delays at any suppliers there might be delays in deliveries. You will have a notice and information about this. 

If theres any special reasons why goods can´t be delivered as schedule or if you´re not happy with your delivery please let us know as soon as possible so we can adjust the order. 

If Ballroom Blitzz have to make special orders from suppliers of any goods it will take a bit longer before delivery. In these cases you will have a notice and information about this. 

If your order is set with different timings in delivery we will collect them and send everything at the same time. If you would like separate deliveries just let us know and we will help you out. Please contact

Deliveries to Norway, Denmark, Finland
When delivery to Norway, Denmark or Finland an extra fee of 10% will be added to your costs. All prices includes tax. Ballroom Blitzz will use the best freight forwarder for your goods. Delivery timings will be a little bit longer than within Sweden. 

Deliveries to other EU particpant countries
When deliveries to other EU participant countries an extra fee of 15% will be added to your costs. All prices includes tax. Ballroom Blitzz will use the best freight forwarder for your goods and for your country. Delivery timings will be a little bit longer than within Sweden. If you need further information regarding your delivery please contact

Deliveries to all other countries
Please contact for all arrangement of deliveries to all other countries outside EU. 

Fee for non picked up goods or non deliverable goods
In all cases where a package, a letter, a pallet or a bigger package can´t be delivered and returned to Ballroom Blitzz by the freight forwarder because of the receiver 1. Don´t pick up the goods 2. Haven´t been able to be reached at the phone number given when placed order 3. refused delivery 4. given wrong name, delivery address or phone number, will Ballroom Blitzz charge an extra fee for this. For letters and package will the fee be as much as 300SEK and for pallets and larger package as much as 600SEK included taxes. The fee will cover Ballroom Blitzz return, administration and will be charged at an invoice or at your total balance of the order as soon as the goods returned to Ballroom Blitzz again. 

In cases where Posten, DHL or Ballroom Blitzz agreed on a day for delivery and time and the receiver isn´t there, an extra fee will be charged for an extra delivery. 

Return policy
When purchase in our webbshop or over phone we work according to distance act law concerning your orders. It means you have an 14 days to regret your purchase from you received it. The goods should be in same condition as when you received it, undamaged and unused. You should use original packaging. You as client pay for the return of the goods and make sure it ends up at Ballroom Blitzz in Helsingborg. 

Return of payment will normally be within 1-5 working days, latest 30 days after we received and approved your return. Please make sure you have been in contact with before you send your goods back. 

Ballroom Blitzz are not responsible for any damage cased by transport for returned goods. Make sure the goods are well package. 

If you have made an order of a special delivery, something special made for you or any other kind of special adjustments for you the returs policy no longer exists. You can´t send back that kind of goods. 

You have the right to complaint on a delivery, if there´s any damage on the goods. Please make sure you make us aware of the problem within 14 days at And attach pictures of your complaints and your order number so we can help you in best way. 

If there´s something wrong with your goods, or if we made a mistake in delivery we will of course make sure we pay for transport and pick up. 

Damage in transport
If your goods are damaged from transport please make sure your driver make a clear notice about the damages when you receive the delivery. For being able to use the return policy of goods with visual, clear and outer damages they must be described from your driver in a clear way. If you notice any non visual or hidden defects please make sure you send as an e-mail to with attached pictures of the damages and your order number within 1-3 days. In this time we can get hold of the carrier or transport companies and report the damages. 

Colors and pictures
We always aim for reproduce colors and textures on our products as close to reality as possible. But we can't guarantee the colors and textures in our pictures in the webbshop will be like reality on your screen so be aware it could feel a bit different when you see and feel your garment. 

If you are under 18 years of age you must have a parent to approve your orders. All frauds will be reported to police. Ballroom Blitzz have the right to cancel a purchase if a fraud is suspected. 

Incorrect facts
We have the right to make corrections if theres any incorrect facts when it comes to price and delivery. We reserve for any incorrect facts in product information, price or stock. Even after we sent you a order confirmation we have the right to change price and delivery date. 

Force Majeure
We have the right to call Force Majeure if necessary.