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Body Wash 375 ml: it’s a rich shower gel that’s intended for a daily use. Aromatic notes of sandalwood, cedar and ylang ylang. 395 SEK.

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Shampoo 375 ml: you only need one pump for each wash, I do it two times in a row. First time it removes dead cells and waxy oil, second time the healing ingredients penetrates and do their work. For all hair types. 445 SEK. BUY HERE

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Wall Display Frama

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Simple wall display made to hold the Apothecary Hand Wash and Hand Lotion 330 SEK. BUY HERE

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All Frama’s Apothecary collection is made of natural ingredients, locally made in Denmark. Glass bottles from Italy.

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Conditioner 375 ml: fresh and natural scent of cedar wood. It’s a light weight conditioner which gave my hair a lot of volume afterwards, that’s a big plus. 485 SEK. BUY HERE

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Hand wash refill 500 ml, it’s a Deal! 330 SEK. BUY HERE