Pictures from the Kimono Day


Pop up event in the store!


Kimono from G.Kero Paris.


Karoline de la Concha, stylist and blogger. Find more about her  HERE.


Kimono from E. Timglas.

This was a very pleasant and fun day together with both old and new clients thanks to Karoline de La Concha. Some of our visitors in our store yesterday:

The Make Up artist from YSL, Marina Andersson, find more about her HERE.

The influencer and blogger Tyra-Stina Wilhelmsson, HERE.

Mia from Gröna Rum på Råå, she is specialist in gardens, HERE.

Eva Cederholm, the nutrition and dietist from Helsingborg, HERE.

The blogger and concultant Stefani Lavess, HERE.

The team from Skumpa & Spalje in Landskrona, HERE.



Look who we have here! It's Tina Nordström, also known as Food-Tina in our beautiful vintage kimono. Styled by Marie Olsson Nylander for the Norwegian magazine KK living. She also wear jewelry from Malin Ljung who is in cooperation in the store. Tina began at age eight to work on Ramlösa Wärdshus run by her parents. Nordstrom went restaurant training in high school and then worked for two seasons at Jan Hurtigkarl & Co. in Helsingor. Tina has written several cookbooks, including Tina's food, Tina and Tina Yummy. In "Christmas preparations with Tina" there is also a section that demonstrated how viewers themselves can sew Tina's apron. We are so lucky to see her in this cool vintage kimono made of 100 % cotton. Find your own kimono HERE.



Here we have our Swedish artist Carola Häggkvist in a long vintage kimono from Ballroom Blitzz. We better known as simply Carola. She's a Swedish singer and occasional songwriter. Carola has been among Sweden's most popular performers since the early 1980s, and has released albums ranging from pop and disco to hymns and folk music. t's Marie Olsson Nylander, who has styled Carola to the Norwegian magazine KK living, a leading newspaper in interior design, fashion and showbiz. Carola looks pretty and comfortable in the vintage kimono from Japan, made of 100 % silk. Do as Carola, find your favorite kimono HERE.



Skärmavbild 2016-08-28 kl. 20.13.36.png

Get the opportunity to speak about interior dreams with Monica and buy something nice in the store. Get the chance to visit a whole new interior world with a hint of fashion. Get to know new brands that no one else has in Helsingborg. See you tomorrow on Thursday 1/9, 12-20 O'clock.

Ballroom Blitzz, Drottninggatan 12 Helsingborg. 




Everything as far as the eye can see is for sale. Yes, even the sofa you sat in, the mirror you looked yourself in and the bowl you took chips from. This is a new concept in Helsingborg. An apartment with interior, fashion and accessories from all over the world. We have lovely bedlinen and bedcovers from Italy. 100 years old bracelets from India. And furniture from the legendart Verner Panton. 



In a centenary building on Drottninggatan 15 in central Helsingborg, tucked away on the first floor,  you will find Ballroom Blitzz which is neither a showroom or a store, but rather a kind of gallery. Marie Olsson Nylander and Monica Daxberg are the women behind this beautiful environment.


When you come into the pompous apartment you will get caught in a cloud of intense scent of Mad et Lens many scented candles that are beautifully placed on a large table in vintage wood. The apartment is full with carpets, furniture, art, bedding, accessories, pillows, ceramics and other fabulously items. The cool thing about this gallery is that each item in the apartment is for sale. Yes, even the bedding from the Society is for sale. 

An apartment store on Drottninggatan 15, first floor.
Open Thursday–Friday 12-18
Saturday 10-15
Or by appointment
Blitzz Regards,
Monica & Marie