Ania Kappa.jpg

So how did we get in touch with the stunning model Ania Nama from the big apple?

 It all started on a rainy day in NYC, the city that never sleeps. And we got up early, me (Monica) and the rest of my family and our american relatives, to get some coffee and breakfast for the kids. We went on the red hop on hop off bus and took one to Soho. This is my first time in this part of Manhattan and I fell in love with it directly! I wanted to visit "The Apartment by The Line" because it's also an apartment store just as Ballroom Blitzz, with interior and clothes. So when we entered the store it felt like home... a fresh scent of jasmine and mint, high ceilings and cozy. While walking around in the apartment I see this beautiful, tall woman coming towards us with a big smile. She was so charming with her opening between her teeth. We started to talk and showed her my store Ballroom Blitzz in Helsingborg... And that's the beginning of the story how I and Ania met each other for the first time, and two months later she entered the doors to Ballroom Blitzz and we had photo shoot in the store with five creative girls.

We always meet people for a reason.